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Cloud Deskmats

Cloud Deskmats

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Make your desk look like heaven with the Cloud Deskmat! Soft, cloud-like fabric on top, and a rubber non-slip bottom to keep it in place. With a water resistant fabric to keep your setup looking pristine. Set the perfect mood with the dawn, sunrise, sunset, golden hour, hurricane, twilight or dusk colours. Create the set up of your dreams!

We have colours to suit all different kinds of setups like Sunrise (pink, orange, yellow), Dawn (light blue, purple, & pink), Golden Hour (orange to yellow), Hurricane (green ombre), Storm (black grey ombre with white lightning), Twilight (dark purple to pink), Dusk (dusty blue ombre), and Sunset (yellow, orange, purple).

Next Restock: Hurricane and Twilight are currently sold out and will be restocking at the end of June. Official restock date TBD - sign up for the email list or check out the shop info page for updates.

RETIRING COLOURS: To make room for new exciting colours we are retiring two of the current available options. The Dusk and Sunrise colour options will be leaving the shop after they have sold out. These colour options will not be restocking.

Size: 17"x35”, 3mm thick

Wallpaper shown with Dusk Deskmat: storm clouds by spanc on Wallpaper Engine, with Sunset Deskmat: Pink Clouds By ItsEndy By FIKSTERon and Chill Clouds by Noxier on Wallpaper Engine 

To fix dents/folds that might occur during shipping roll the mat out flat and place a heavy flat object in the area of the dent. Keep weighted down object in place overnight. Once rolled out and pressed the mats should return to their natural shape within a couple of days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Great mat

Megan Sanok
Actually The Best

I just recently purchased my second Chaotic Crafts cloud deskmat and I couldn't be happier. I have one for my computer desk at work and one for my home PC desk- both match my keyboards! The colors are beautiful and vibrant, the quality of the mat is outstanding. They feel sturdy, look gorgeous, and are so easy to clean. My work deskmat was pretty grubby from daily wear and tear, and a quick trip through the wash had it literally looking like I had just taken it out of the package again. If I had a third desk and computer, I'd buy a third mat!


Bigger than I thought it would be but I absolutely love it! It fit perfectly on my desk and it works amazingly!!


Incredibly nice material, feels really nice and makes my desk look so pretty!!


It’s gorgeous, from the colour to the feel of the mat. Much larger than I initially thought it would be which was a pleasant surprise!

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