Local Pickup Info

Local pickup is only available for those in the Toronto area.

If you choose local pickup please include an email and phone number at checkout to arrange a pick up time.

Please read through the entire pickup information page before choosing local pickup at checkout. Your order will be shipped out regularly or cancelled and refunded immediately if you do not read through the ENTIRE page!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Recently there have been a lot of local pickup orders being placed incorrectly due to people not reading through the entire pickup page. Due to this, some changes have had to be made to local pickup orders. Local pickup orders will be charged shipping until the order has been picked up. Once picked up postage will be refunded.

Local pickup location: Outside St. Clair West Station beside the Loblaws entrance on St Clair Ave W

Do not go out the heath street subway station exit!

Current pick up schedule: (times may vary)

Mon-Fri: 5pm-8pm

Sat-Sun: 11am-4pm

How to choose the local pickup option at checkout:

If you would like to do local pickup please make sure to read through all the information below before checking out. If you do not follow the instructions below your order will be shipped out and you will be charged for shipping.

Local Pickup & Processing time:

  • All my products are made to order and will require a minimum of 2 weeks processing time before they are ready for pickup. Local pickup can still sometimes take up to 4 weeks or more depending on order volume.
  • You will receive an email once your order once it is ready for pickup. In the email the weekly availability for pick up will be given and you will pick a time slot to come pick up your order.
  • Once a pickup time is arranged you must provide 24 hours notice if it needs to be rescheduled or cancelled.
  • The pickup time can only be rescheduled once otherwise your order will be cancelled and refunded
  • Please be on time for pickup! If you are running late please be sure to contact me ASAP to let me know.
  • If you are more than 20 minutes late for pickup the pickup will be cancelled your order will refunded. 
  • If you arrive early for pickup the time is unable to be changed and I will arrive at the allotted time - there are great coffee shops in the area if you arrive earlier than intended! 
  • If local pickup is chosen and I do not receive a response within 48 hours of when the weekly pickup availability email is sent your order will be cancelled and refunded
  • Once local pick up is chosen you cannot change your order to be shipped. If this occurs the order will have to be refunded and reordered to choose shipping
  • Local pick up orders are still required to fill out their address at checkout - if the address given is not in the Toronto area your order will be cancelled and refunded

IMPORTANT:  When checking out with the local pickup option you must include "I have read through the local pickup information and I acknowledge the terms and conditions" in the note section at checkout. If this note is not included at checkout your order will be shipped out and you will be charged for shipping.

Please check this page for any updates on local pick up. Pick up time and availability will change from month to month. Pick up rules and times may change around the holiday season. Local pick up may not be available when the shop is receiving a large influx of orders. 

If you have any questions about local pickup information please contact me at my email chaoticcraftsco@gmail.com